Botanica, The Forest of coexistence

Rp 70.000.000
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Tentang Seniman :

Sunny Jung (Sunyoung Jung)

Artist, South Korea

Tentang Karya :

Judul :

Botanica, The Forest of coexistence

Ukuran : 

116,8 cm x 91 cm

Material :

Acrylic on Canvas

Deskripsi :

The meaning of 'GATHER' is 'together', and it means harmony with others, and coexistence. Gathering is a colorful energy with different things and people come together to harmonize and coexist together. ‘Gathering’ also means that we can head to an ideal space like this. The gathering of other precious beings such as nature, people, and animals to form a single society. Individuals come together to become us, and we become one world. Not only the familiar space, but also something that can afford to accept other exotic things. The theme of my works is <The Forest of coexistence> Whenever we are exhausted in our lives, we are always comforted by Great Nature and have the strength to live again. The natural space I painted is an ideal space where various animals and plants live together. I melted the imaginary story in a space and painted a forest of coexistence. The energyexchanged in a relationship with people is important. And my work is also important for the energy exchanged with the audience. I hope that it will be a work that conveys a rest of calm in the tired mind, beautiful memories in the nostalgic heart, purity in the heart, and the ideal of dreaming in the heart that wants hope.

Advertising publicity, Hongik University Graduate school, Korea
Advertising Design, Hongik University, Korea
Solo Exhibition
2021 Solo exhibition ‘Dreaming Garden’ (Second One, Gwangju, Korea)
2021 Solo exhibition ‘Flowers bloom even at night’ (Midam Gallery, Gwangyang, Korea)
2021 Solo exhibition ‘The Beautiful Coexistence’(Yeongsan River Cultural Center, Gwangju)
2020 Solo exhibition ‘The Paradise’ (Gallery the Flux, Seoul)
2020 Solo exhibition ‘The Birth’ (Jeonnam Women’s Culture Museum, Muan, Korea)

Selection of public offerings
2021 Water Resources Corporation Yeongsan River Cultural Center Exhibition Artist
2021 Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation x Seoul Auction, Zero Base
2021 Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation Visual Art Exhibition
2020 Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation Namdo Arts Bank Artwork Collection
2020 Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation Gwangyang Art Auction
2020 Jeonnam Women's and Family Foundation New Artist

Art Fair & Auction
2022 Seoul Auction x Shinsegae Gallery (Seoul Auction, Seoul)
2022 Art Fair, My first Collection (Shinsegae Gallery, Daejeon)
2022 K Auction Premium Auction, January (K Auction, Seoul)
2021 K Auction Premium Auction, December (K Auction, Seoul)
2021 Zero Base Spectrum (Seoul Auction, Seoul)
2021 Zero Base x Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation (Seoul Auction, Seoul)
2021 Yeosu International Art Festival (Yeosu Expo Convention Center, Yeosu)
2021 Art Mining Fair (Space 445, Seoul)
2020 Gwangyang Art Auction, ‘Take art home’ (Gwangyang Arts Warehouse)
2020 Art:Gwangju:20, Online show

Group exhibition
2021 Rising stars Group Exhibition (Good Gallery, Seoul)
2021 The 1st Seoae-ro Art Market (Gallery Blooms, Seoul)
2021 Little Art Fair: 10LiAF (Seoul Gallery, Seoul)

2021 New Artist Part1: Thinking (Eco Rock Gallery, Seoul)
2021 Gifts from the beginning of the new year (Beum Gallery, Seoul)
2020 K-star open call invitation exhibition (Gallery K, Seoul)
2020 Gallery K Affiliate Artist Selection (Gallery Kongseyu, Seoul)
2020 Fall Exhibition Dream (Midam Gallery, Gwangyang)
2019 Another beginning exhibition (Midam Gallery, Gwangyang)

Collection of works
Jeollanam-do Cultural Foundation, Gallery S, Good Gallery, Gwangyang Bay Newspaper, Kim
Nam Architecture, Many other private collections

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