Grow with Hope

Rp 5.000.000
SKU: ART-ZUL-0007408937

Tentang Karya :

Ukuran : 50 x 50 cm
Media : Acrylic on Canvas

Deskripsi :

Berisi tentang harapan atas doa - doa yang dipanjatkan untuk kehidupan makhluk hidup saat ini. Perubahan iklim yang sangat signifikan memberikan banyak dampak di berbagai aspek kehidupan. Bayi yang baru terlahir tanpa salah pun harus menanggung akibatnya.

Tentang Seniman :

Zulfazuppe is a painting artist and illustrator. he started to enter the world of painting in 2018, choosing animals as his characters. He chose animals to convey messages in the works he made.

Animals are living things that rely on instinct and feelings to live and survive, they just do what they are supposed to do.

Zulfazuppe has studied fine arts for many years. Now, his character has developed into something that grew up with him. This is a testament to showing the world who he is with his taste buds revealing from time to time. In accordance with his character, he always tries to communicate some messages with his work. For him, his work is not about coloring. It's about cultivating taste and soul

Exhibition :


  • Contemporary Art Exhibition “SungSang” (SMG)


  • Art Collective Exhibition Semarang “Outporing of Soul” Grobak Hysteria (SMG)


  • Contemporary Art Exhibition “Tarung Gambar” (SMG) .
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition “Ameliorate” B9 Gallery UNNES (SMG)


  • Art Exhibition, January “Artfordable” Sidharta Auction (JKT)
  • Art Exhibition, May “Artfordable and Future Vintage” Sidharta Auction (JKT)
  • Art Exhibition, August “Artfordable and Future Vintage” Sidharta Auction (JKT)
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition and Central Java Annual Festival (BTG)
  • Art Exhibition “Deek the Halls Year End Auction” Sidharta Auction (JKT)


  • Solo International Visual Art (Solo)
  • Art Exhibition “INSECARE” Museum Benteng Vredeburg (Yogyakarta)
  • Zine Collaboration Street Artist “WARAK NGENDHOG” Hysteria (SMG)




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