Heroes Come (Family Series)

SKU: ART-DBL-0001407982

Tentang Karya :

Ukuran : 70 x 70 cm
Media : Acrylic on Canvas

Menggambarkan seorang ayah menjadi sosok paling penting dalam keluarga. Visual kelinci dengan jubah superhero memberikan simbol pahlawan untuk seorang ayah.

Tentang Seniman :

Don Bosco Laskar,
The work of art that I make are painting, drawing, designing, and making prints. I respond to problems that exist in my environment. Plants, animals and emotional feelings become my imagination or ideas in my work. I really like the form of natural object and living things in environment that I go to. The media that I use in my work are acrylic paints, watercolors,
ink, pencils, and also computer aids.

Exhibition :

"GLORY, MY COUNTRY, GLORY!" Art Exhibition at SMSR Jogja Galery

"EKSPRESI" Art Exhibition at SMSR Jogja Galery

SMSR 2016 "JERIJIRING WASIH" Art Exhibition

"YOUNG ARTIST PARADE" Art Exhibition at Hartono Mall
"Nandur Srawung #4" Art Exhibition at TBY
“Satu,Satu Kesatuan” Art Exhibition at Fakultas Seni Rupa ISI Yogyakarta
"NOSTALGIA" Art Exhibition at Galeri Fadjar Sidik

“Square Foot Show” Art Exhibition at Glenview, Ilinois, USA
“Wiswakharman Expo 2018" Art Exhibition UGM
"To be Known" Art Exhibition at Indies Heritage Hotel
"Zegarrr Art Exhibition" at Galery Fadjar Sidik
Peksimida Art Exhibition 2018 at UKDW
SMAN 10 YK "BICARA #2" Art Exhibition at TBY
"There is Hope" Art Exhibition IKASSRI#2 at Pendhapa Art Space
DELAYOTA ART #13 Art Exhibition at JNM

“Pusara Samsara” Art Exhibition at Jogja Natinal Museum
“Sewon Calling” Art Exhibition DKV ISI Yogyakarta
“Posopo” Art Exhibition at Bjong Ngopi
“Incumbent” Art Exhibition Yogya Annual Art #4 at Sangkring Art Space
“WORLD ANIMAL DAY” Art Exhibition at Fak Kedokteran Hewan UGM

Titik Berangkat Art Exhibition at TBY
JICAF Art Collaboration
”Trending Topic” Art Exhibition and Charity
”Kelola Art Fest #5” Rj Katamsi ISIYK
”Wake Up!” Art Exhibition FSR ISIYK
Online Art Exhibition “Archetype”
Art Exhibition and charity “Archa Project”
AksiArtsy#3 RJ Katamsi ISIYK

Grup Exhibition AksiArtsy#4 RJ Katamsi ISIYK
”GANGSAR” Festival Kebudayaan Yogyakarta #3 at Jogja National Museum
“REMEMBRANCE” Art Exhibition at Patriot Café
Jogja Art Weeks Special Project 2021
Affordable Art Fair Malaysia 2021
Nandur Srawung#8 “Ecosystem Pranatamangsa” at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
The Arts As Spirit of Resilience at ISI YK
New Collaborations Lain Project X Jalan Kita Coffee and Herbs
Ruang Rindu Art Exhibition at Bijak Café
SEMBARI Art Exhibition at Poison Dealer

Asana Bina Seni (pra Bienalle) at TBY
Tino Sidin Art Project #1 “Art Transmission
Art Curency” at Taman Tino Sidin
Insecare Art Exhibition at Benteng Vredeburg
Jogja Affordable Art at Jogja Gallery
Art Exhibition Dinding at Plaza Indonesia
Discoloration #2 Art Exhibition at JK Coffee


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