Rp 13.000.000
SKU: ART-ARY-0088408532

Tentang Karya :

Ukuran : 89 x 79 cm

Material : Acrylic on Canvas

Deskripsi :

My work functions as an expression of everyday life, human behavior, and the complex nature of the local community that has developed over decades in the Jelekong painting village. my place Born in Jelekong, taking inspiration from this place and incorporating objects from my environment into my artistic creations. These objects turn into meaningful artefacts, capturing the diverse experiences and behaviors shaped by sustainable painting practices. By reusing Jelekong environmental fragments, I combined it with the imagery conceived by the Jelekong painters, resulting in paintings and installations that depict the dynamic relationship between the local context and external influences.

Tentang Seniman :

Jelekong is a painting village that was established in 1969, where the phenomenon of painting en masse and growing organically has been carried out until now in jelekong. Bringing back objects from the environment where I live, in the form of artifacts through these objects there are various experiences and pieces of behavior, processes of terms or traces. Things that used to have a function then remain and lie in Sundanese terms we call (Rutuntuk). These terms come through a technical work process that is carried out continuously in the daily practice of painting in the jelekong and thenthese habits give birth to terms that are mutually agreed upon.

Exhibition :


> Bienale seni rupa Jawa Barat "BIJABA #2" , Taman Budaya Jawa Barat

> Ngopi Robicon "kelola Ekspektasi Dalam Kolektif" Bersama Goethe Institute Dan   Rakarsa Foundation

> Art Jakarta 2021 @Bale Project
> SCOPE Art Moment, @Bale Project
> Kindeuwism Art Movement (BEU), Tower Art Space
> Manifesto "Pandemic" Galeri Nasional Indonesia
> "Hidup Berdampingan Dengan Musuh" Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta

> Solo Exhibition "Ngindeuw" Bale Tonggoh Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
> "Re-Bung" Taman Budaya Jawa Barat
> Virtue, Abdurrahman Wahid Center, Jakarta

> BIJABA, Taman Budaya Jawa Barat

> "Matra Award" Pendapha Art Space, Yogyakarta

> Transit 4 Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
> Surprise 11 Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta

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